Archie Shore Bike Design, Build & Maintenance is the creation of Jolyon Lilley (Jo) aka ‘Archie’.


He was first on 2 wheels trial riding motorbikes from 6 years of age. At the age of 10 BMX caught his attention and started racing with his beloved friends calling themselves ‘Team Wings’.


From this a number of competitive motorcycle racing was achieved from Skool boy Motorcross, Drag racing at Santa Pod to Enduro racing a KTM 525 in British championship.


Jo’s passion for downhill mountain biking began when he gave up competitive Enduro racing and has ridden downhill / freeride for the past 8 years at various tracks in Kent, Woburn – Berkshire, South Wales, French Alps and Whistler, Canada BC.


From a young age Jo has always built, repaired and maintained his own bikes and with a sound engineering background, now enjoys building and maintaining all forms of mountain bikes for both himself and friends.